These are the toughest stringers on the market!

If you are tired of messing with the run of the mill rope stringers and want a premium stringer, it is finally here. Stinky Pants Fishing Stringers (patent pending) are state of the art and made with the highest quality craftsmanship. Each stringer is handmade in the USA using first rate materials designed for the toughest conditions. We improved the orginal Stinky Stringer with a new 920 lb. work load, a thicker coating, and stainless steel wire. The stringers will not knot, fray, ravel or get stuck on teeth or hooks like other stringers. Each 12' stringer comes with a top grade float that quickly connects and disconnects, which means no pieces to drop or lose. Taking the fish off the stringer at the end of a long day is slicker than Trout slime. Simply release the stringer from the removable float and drop your days catch in the cooler. There is nothing on the market quicker or easier. Check out some of our helpful tips for using the stringer.

Solid Color Stringers

See thru Color Stringers

Jelly Stinky Stringer


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The 12' Orginal $26.99

The 12' Orginal is our first and most popular design. The 12' length gives it the diversity to suit many situations. It has a straight stake made of nickle coated brass. The stainless steel wire connects directly to the float with no pieces to lose.


The 8' Pro-Series $23.99

Our 8' Proseries stringer is a smaller version of our original 12' stringer with a smaller float. This stringer is designed for someone looking to put that 1 or 2 special fish on. It is also a great option for kayakers as this will not tangle in most rudders and drafts behind the kayaks better. The smaller float will still stay connected like our original stringer but is less noticeable if you're worried about potlickers, and pulls easier in the kayak when you string a fish. This is a must have for the serious tournament angler. (Note the small float will not support the weight of the stringer)

The 12' Stinky Hooker $29.99

We put a twist, or a curve on our orginal 12' stringer. Using the same same vinyl coated stainless steel wire we added a curved stainless steel shank. We brought back the old school feel perfect to keep your hands away from flounder teeth when gigging, and giving you additional leverage when stringing your catch.

The Jelly Stinky Stringer

The Jelly stringer gives fisherman yet another stringer option in the Stinky arsenal. It has all the same great features of its predecessor with the quick release float design, without the stainless steel cable in it. The poly-urethane cord is tough as nails but still has its slick exterior the fish will slide on and off. The 12', 8' pro-series, and 12' hooker are available in the jelly option.

Stringers: "Who would think that they make a difference? They do, especially as far as time savings and extreme frustration go. Some of the standard off the wall stringers are so limp and wimpy that it takes twenty minutes to untangle the resulting mess back at the boat. Find a stiff, thick gauge stringer with a sharp, well attached spike on the end, and your day will be much less complicated."

- Mike McBride, Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine, March 2007

Paul Martinez Corpus Christi, TX 2017